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Multiple server solution for your specific needs

Custom Designed Server Solutions are implemented when Triton-Tek experts determine that the complexity of the solution requires more than a standard dedicated or virtual private server. This solution is ideal for clients who require multiple servers capable of hosting Microsoft BizTalk, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Content Management Server, or other enterprise-quality software solutions that have specific hardware needs.

For clients requiring Custom Designed Solutions, Triton-Tek utilizes servers featuring RAID-1 or RAID-5. RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Discs) is designed to replicate and store data on multiple hard drives in order to provide clients with increased data reliability, protection and performance.

Triton-Tek employs SonicWALL Pro Series security gateways, which provide our clients with powerful, yet cost-effective firewall security. The SonicWALL Pro Series delivers gateway intrusion prevention, deep packet inspection and a highly configurable rule-based engine in an easy to maintain interface.

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